Franchising Bradford Would Be Bad For Business


Today is the first day for NFL teams to begin franchise tagging their franchise players, and it is important to remember, especially in Philadelphia these days, that Sam Bradford is not the answer and tagging him would likely lead to more bad than good.

With the franchise tag at an estimated at almost $20 million dollars, the deal would chew up almost 10% of their total salary cap, and unless you think Sam Bradford belongs in the same category as Peyton “1-2 years ago” Manning and Drew Brees, Bradford cannot pull that kind of money.

It seems to come down to a simple trend:

OverTheCap- With Aaron Rodgers now eliminated from winning the Super Bowl, it means that Steve Young’s record as the highest salary cap clogging QB to win a Super Bowl remains intact. Young’s cap figure that season took up 13.1% of the 49ers salary cap. That year was 1994, the first year the salary cap was in existence. So in 20 years no Super Bowl winning team has invested a higher percentage of their cap on a QB than the first team to ever win one in the cap era.  Yet teams continue to pour more and more money into that position each season.

Since Young’s championship in 1994, only three other quarterbacks have eaten up 10% of their teams salary cap- Eli Manning in 2011 (11.7%), Peyton Manning in 2006 (10.4%), and Brett Favre in 1996 (10.2%). The average spend on a Super Bowl QB has been just 6.4%.”

Of Course, at the top end of talent in the NFL, you have to pay big to keep the superstars on your roster, but it is clearly no mistake that the Patriots have been able to maintain a level of consistent excellence that the league has never seen before in the salary cap era — Because the Patriots pay their quarterback close to the league average and Tom Brady is more interested in strengthening his team’s surrounding talent than his own finances.

If Bradford is willing to sign for closer to $10 million per year, he becomes a more viable option, but this team is several pieces away from true contention outside their NFC East, so to invest this much money at the very beginning of the Dougy Pederson rebuilding era, would hamstring the Eagles for many 8-8 seasons to come.


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