NFL Draft: QBs That Don’t Belong In The First Round

The Draft is around the corner and scouting is about to pick up big time. Below is the Eye Test breakdown for 5 QBs that are gaining notoriety and buzz as first round picks, whether they belong as first round picks remains to be seen. If any of these QBs fall to the Eagles in the 3rd round, they would be wise to pick them up, but without a second round pick this year, drafting any of these players with our first round pick would be catastrophic.


  1. Connor Cook: 6’4, 220, better size, stockier. More compact throw, but thrown from hip. Good on camera, although kind of seems like a shit head. Great record in college. Pocket passer, takes snaps from under shotgun, mobile although not really a runner. Seems to have a low ceiling, but a high floor. NFL comparison: Kirk Cousins, his MSU brethren.


  1. Paxton Lynch: 6’7, 245, gigantic. Huge hands, almost 12inches across, bigger than Russel Wilson or odell beckham, both known for their ability to control the ball. Fast, long stride runner. Long throwing motion. Struggles to throw on run. NFL comparison: Has been compared to Marcus Mariotta, but more like a Nick Foles or Brock Osweiler with legs that aren’t made of cement.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 3.21.35 PM.png

  1. Carson Wentz:. 6’5, 232, tall. Natural looking throwing motion, but often ugly spirals. Smooth runner, not heavy footed. Good in interviews. North Dakota state isn’t exciting, with only 2 current offensive nfl players in the league now. NFL comparison: Andy Dalton, true eye test, does not look like an nfl qb, but Dalton still doesn’t and I guess its worked out for him, although to the tune of 0 playoff wins. Gingers don’t win, generally in life, across the board.


  1. Christian Hackenberg: 6’4, 236, great size. Durable, never missed a start. Lazy feet in pocket, but comfortable in pocket and good-looking throw even without feet. Solid mobility. Many have questioned his decision-making and instincts for the game. Looks like a qb, although doesn’t exactly have a winning name. Had best year of career as a freshman with now Texans coach Bill Obrien, and has since been stuck with little surrounding offensive talent and a coach with his share of gameday criticism. NFL comparison: Ben Roethlisberger or a bigger Jay Cutler.


  1. Jared Goff: 6’4, 215, good size, but lanky. Big arm, but floppy throwing motion, slings arm/hand back. Heavy footed. Ok on camera, kind of doppy, bro, stoner look. Good TD/INT numbers, but in a offense-assisting spread offense. Didn’t play well against better competition on schedule. NFL comparison: smaller, less troubled Ryan Mallet.

Rankings may change as Draft process advances, especially at the Combine, but as of now, no one besides Connor Cook deserves to be anywhere within the Top 32 picks.


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